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After more than 70 years in the aerospace industry, we are still committed to cost and process efficiencies. That's why we developed our proprietary review program, called PROP®, the first step in every customer order. 

Efficient manufacturing throughput is the result of the right piece of equipment for the specific process and a skilled work force to operate the machinery, bringing pricing, quality, and delivery to the forefront of each part.


Process Review Optimization Program (PROP)

PROP allows us to know our parts are right the first time. It is the first step in the manufacturing process, allowing our quality managers, engineers, machinists, and team leaders to collectively determine the optimum match of part and process. 


All Parts Begin with PROP

We developed PROP to optimize product and process flow through the various stages of manufacture, measurement, and quality control on our factory floor.

  • From the receipt of every order, whether previously run or new parts requirements, every step throughout the manufacturing process undergoes a microscopic review to assure quality and optimize cost and delivery of parts.
  • Together quality, engineering, and manufacturing review all processes, from set-up to routing steps and cycle times.
  • The on-going review of all processes results in intelligent job sequencing, assessment of existing and new equipment needs, current and future workforce requirements – at all levels to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • PROP assures the “certainty of quality” by making quality a built-in requirement for every process. The question of “how to meet customer requirements and expectations” is answered.
  • PROP results and recommendations are brought to UPP's Executive Management for required funding and final approval.
  • Upon approval responsibilities for process optimization is assigned and monitored by management.

PROP brings manufacturing, engineering, and quality together to realize manufacturing efficiencies, lowering cost and locking in quality. It’s how we have kept getting it right for over 70 years.

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