Precision, reliability, timeliness are just a few of the qualities we possess that have allowed us to maintain our reputation for excellence for more than 70 years in manufacturing high-quality, precision-made fasteners and related hardware, and specialty machined parts for the aerospace market. 

We have continued to advance our knowledge of the marketplace, manufacturing parts from nearly any bar stock, conventional steel, super alloys, or corrosion resistant materials. We have extensive expertise in working with complex nickel-based alloys and exotic materials. 

Continuous Improvement 

We have embraced the Kaizen philosophy for quality manufacturing and continuous improvement since 1996, operating in a cellular manufacturing environment. The combination of cellular manufacturing and Kaizen events has resulted in our ability to flex production to meet changing customer requirements, while leading to greater manufacturing efficiencies, superior quality, and effective throughput. 

These processes have allowed us to expand to meet increases in customer product demand within our current plant configuration. When needed, our cell members are cross-trained and can utilize separate cells dedicated to a specific production. We can accommodate the downward pressure on prices because of our continuous cost improvements and increasing competitiveness, while adding value to the procurement stream and expanding the services we offer. 

Process Improvement

Our team is committed to quality and improving processes, led by our management team, from the President to our truck driver.

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